Hatha Yoga and Meditation

These two essential practices originate in ancient India .  The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit yuj meaning to bind, yoke, concentrate one’s attention on, to apply.  Through the regular practice of Yoga asanas or postures the body is strengthened, cleansed and invigorated and the mind calmed and soothed of anxiety, becoming focussed and clear. The asanas are in themselves a form of meditation in action.

Learning how to breathe properly is another essential element.  As the mind and body become supple and open, the breath becomes natural and the student develops an awareness of the link between body, mind and breath.  Meditation, or the practice of stilling the thought-waves of the  mind then follows easily.

Hatha yoga and Meditation have many life-enhancing benefits. Regular and  consistent practice increases our health and well-being, our greatest asset.

The late Yehudi Menuhin, an enthusiastic yoga student said “ Reduced to our own body, our first instrument, we learn to play it, drawing from it maximum resonance and harmony.  With unflagging patience we refine and animate every cell as we return daily to the attack, unlocking and liberating capacities otherwise condemned to frustration and death”.