Ayurvedic (Kansa Vakti) Foot Massage

Ayurveda or The Knowledge of Long Life, is the oldest organised system of medicine on record. Ayurvedic Foot Massage or Padabhyanga can be traced back 5,000 years and in one text on this subject it says: “Diseases do not go near one who massages his feet before sleep, just as snakes do not approach eagles”.

There are more than 7,000 nerves in the feet and through gentle massage the treatment has many of the following benefits including:

  • deeply relaxing and calming, alleviating anxiety and stress
  • relieves congestion, stiffness, cramps, swelling from tired legs and feet
  • improves and maintains eyesight and hearing
  • alleviates migraine, headaches and digestive disorders
  • balances and harmonises all systems of the body promoting homeostasis (balance and good health)
  • improves overall circulation and lymphatic drainage, strengthens immune system
  • helps insomnia and promotes good quality sleep
  • reduces inflammation in arthritic joints

This unique treatment is steeped in centuries of ceremony and involves the use of ghee (clarified butter) to massage specific marma points (pressure points) on the soles of the feet and lower legs. The massage is carried out with both the hands and a Kansa Vakti or small metal bowl made or brass, copper and tin considered to be auspicious.
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